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EP from The Murder Merchants.


released January 23, 2017

The Murder Merchants are:

The Murder Merchant
Solid Gold Jesus

Lancifer on Guitar



all rights reserved


The Murder Merchants Sacramento, California

The Murder Merchants are a band of Tokyo miscreants who roam about on gleaming dirt-bikes with katanas strapped to their backs. Or it's possible they're protagonists in a very strange reality being beamed into this locale from outside the universe, just like all of us. It could also be that they're oafish aiens with a penchant for selling murder? I don't know. Freaks me out. ... more

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Track Name: Brink Of Love
got to lie low 'til time to make the show
cicada come down to the orange party
content's in town with a get-back frown
the story primal the reason for get-down glory
by my side the spectactical five
even donovan weaves in this pitch-black blurry
live the syntacular five the network will thrive
with the thrilling of all who get this love

(you've never been rectangular girl)
yes i know but i feel so strong
(why not take all the time in the world to make sure)
orange hair i'm floating in air
(you know you've been burned down to the ground before)
yes i've been turned to crispy critter
(you said that you'd never love like that anymore)
yes some jack romance but i'm dancing on the brink of love

some would say i'm not fit to dally with
a terrify terrible curse on their freakal heads
every human's got a little monster residing in
repent harlequin sativa the tick-tock said
fat old sun still singing and it's beaming me
this train my life the track breaks ahead
fa la lo built not to go slow
and if you feel love then you've got to come out and say so

(this one's guaranteed not to last long)
yes you know but he strikes my perfect chord
(he's got nothing but timber and tongue)
you're wrong he's mad gone he sings my perfect song
(you'd be better off hanging downtown)
you would have my love be made to shadows
(your friends are all there wearing that frown)
just a face their hearts race to taste the brink of love

i fall down but never touch ground
invisibly bound to you with tiny color soul lines
my chambers shocking children of the sun
i dropped my alien heart down in the coal mine
promise to gaut never drop this one

(you've never been rectangular girl)
yes i know but it feels so goddamned strong
(why not take all the time in the world to make sure)
orange hair i'm floating in air
(you know you've been burned down to the ground before)
yes i have returned to earth and stone
(you said that you'd never love like that anymore)
but i'm dancing on the brink of love
Track Name: Josephine
they say that love will heal with time
first it makes you blind
then it thrills your mortal soul
that maybe life is kind but you gotta know that
in the end you'll die
one of you will lie
and maybe you might die from an edge that's
sharper than the knife
my pretty josephine
so innocent and clean
now the year's turned love to dust
indifferent and mean

what do you expect from a pattern made of molecules
why do you think love's more than a vortex in the chemicals
love's the lovely brother of guilt and shame
i try so hard but i forget your name baby
jump to the chorus peggiating my fame

josephine i love you baby
josephine you're in my heart
love you 'til the end of all my life

when i think of her at night
everything in mind
sliding back in time
all my childhood rivers run
down to just this one and only
always and forever alone
never thinking she might
break your heart

said lovely josephine: not heard and not seen
walk ten feet behind your dark queen
can't have the other boys thinking she's taken
illegal on the scene for the hot j-phine
all the other little fanboy hearts'd be broken

you got my soul but my body is a token
my face the last thing that a million men see
a million little 'oh's' and then they go to sleep
dream all night of the lovely josephine
now write me a song that tells me i'm deep

josephine i love you baby
more than i love life

while i dream of her all day
my lonely little sorry life slowly drifts away
all my sunny summer days
raptured by her face her
irresistible grace and light
never thinking she might
break your heart
Track Name: Ohio
i float down effortless trees among deep shadowed leaves of green
the air is fresh and clean
may has brought the earth to bloom and summer nights will be here soon
with the silver mirror summer moon

flowers from my revelant heart one tucked behind my ear
to raise the spirits here
i want to get high and make love like some solid sentient being
not sight unseen


i would give all of my days for one last night
to melt with you in candlelight
when i caress your face i can see your soul stretch to the end of time
but not mine

i live in the books and lie on the grass
watch the shiny new ones pass

i still love